It was a pretty spectacular day at Mona Vale on Sunday. After a dreary week the sun was out and the course was looking great. There was a mixed reaction to our later tee time with some very much in favour and some not. I’m a fan of the early start but sitting down overlooking the course and the ocean with a cold beer as the sun went down was pretty special.

It was a hard day out for all. Playing off the back markers and quick greens with some really difficult pin placings made scoring hard work. The average score for the day was just a tick over 26.

With no one playing to their handicap the best score of the day was shot by Dan with 34. Well played on a challenging course. 2nd place was taken out by Adam with 32 who beat me  in 3rd on a countback. Rob Preston also scored 32 but missed out on the money this week. We also had 5 golfers score 31 just missing out. I’m sure there’s that one putt you should have or could have made. It’s a cruel game really.

Nearest the pins went to Adam on the 2nd and Bob on the 16th and the jackpot went off for the 2nd game in a row with a new member Ben Howard claiming the prize.

We had 2 new members join us. Welcome to both Ben and Lochlan Browne. We hope you join us again.

Our next game is on August 2 at 7 am. At Bayview. This is the last qualifying round for the club championship. Rob Preston has already updated the point score so if you want to check where your standing get on the website and see. While your there please check the dates of the 4 club championship  rounds. It would be great to hear back from everyone as soon as possible to let me know their availability. It will make it much easier to get the draw done if I know who can play.

If you didn’t get your name on the sheet on Sunday and want a game at Bayview enter on the website of let me know and I’ll put your name down.